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Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

attitude of gratitude

Today I am filled with gratitude for many things: for waking up in a warm bed, for the singing birds, for Chris, Freddy & Moomin, for hot running water, for my health and so much more! If you are a regular to my facebook page you will know that I am an advocate of gratitude Continue Reading →

Emotional eating? Take a look at your stress levels

emotional eating stress

Emails, phone-calls, children, pets, partners, work, money, social life, friends, family, anxiety and complete overwhelm?!  Sometimes it feels like we cannot keep up with the pace, our list of things to do, people to keep happy and other commitments becomes out of hand. This kind of pressure can often lead us to eating when we Continue Reading →

Emotional Eating and the Menstrual Cycle

emotional eating menstrual

Do you find that your urge to eat becomes stronger during the week before your menstrual period? Many women, myself included, find that they are more hungry at this time. If you have active emotional eating tendencies then this time may feel uncomfortable and even frightening. Last week I was reading some scientific research papers Continue Reading →

Emotional eating as a mis-interpreted call to connect to your body

emotional eating body

Do you fear being present in your body? In the book “REVEAL, A sacred manual for getting spiritually naked” by Meggan Watterson, Meggan writes: “I think that so many of us still fear being fully present in the body because it means owning just how powerful we are. The responsibility is overwhelming. We then enter Continue Reading →

Letting go of mentally beating yourself up about your eating

let go

What would it be like to let go of the mental torture associated with your emotional eating? I am not asking you to think about letting go of the eating behaviour itself (you can take this one step at a time!), just to think about the mental pain that goes with the behaviour. You may Continue Reading →

Emotional eating as a form of self sabotage

glass ceiling sabotage

Any time things began to go well for me in my early 20s I would begin the process of binge eating myself into oblivion, this would stop any progress in my projects!  It was as though I hit a glass ceiling of how much success I would allow into my life.  My unconscious belief was Continue Reading →