Are you listening to your wisest self?


When I first begin to work with my wonderful clients I find that most of the time they want me to tell them what to do, what to eat and how to stop their cravings. They want me to rescue them from the battle they have engaged in with their beautiful bodies. Emotional eating is Continue Reading →

What would happen if we decided to accept ourselves as we are?


What would happen if we decided to accept ourselves unconditionally as we are, right now in this moment? What would happen if we made the conscious choice not to criticise or berate ourselves? What if we opted out of the common conversations about weight, shape, looks and how we need to improve? What would happen Continue Reading →

I Quit! Embracing a new beginning

In Spain, standing by a huge pile of garden waste that I cleared with my husband

Over the last year I have to admit that I have wanted to quit, close down this website and drop un-noticed from the face of the www-world. Emotionally it has been a challenging year. Those of you who read my blog will know that my dad had a brainstem stroke and has been left with Continue Reading →

Love yourself in the run-up to Christmas

Christmas Love

It has been difficult to miss the numerous facebook, TV and internet advertising and marketing for pre-Christmas diets.  The adverts promise things like ultra-fast fat-burning remedies, miracle cures, drop two dress sizes in two weeks etc.  None of the advertisements that I have seen so far offer information to help with self-defeating, self-loathing thoughts that often Continue Reading →

Emotional Eating and the Menstrual Cycle


Do you find that your urge to eat becomes stronger during the week before your menstrual period? Many women, myself included, find that they are more hungry at this time. If you have active emotional eating tendencies then this time may feel uncomfortable and even frightening. Last week I was reading some scientific research papers Continue Reading →

So, you are desperate to lose weight quickly? Fast, like preferably now?!


I could say “stop chasing skinny” but I am guessing that won’t have much of an impact and you might get mad with me, so I won’t do that. You want the magic bullet, don’t you? The ‘secret’ ingredient that will mean you wake up having lost the 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 Continue Reading →

Connecting to you inner safe space


This photo was taken out in Sri Lanka in January 2011, the moment is etched in my mind, the baby elephant was playing around in the water but each time it got frightened it would run to hide with mum for a while until courage built back up again and it would venture back into Continue Reading →

Drink responsibly. Is lemon water cleansing, juice fasting, colon detoxing or colonic irrigation a socially accepted form of disordered eating?

lemon water

Writing about this topic has been swimming in my mind for a while. I’ve avoided putting my fingers on the keys because juicing, cleansing and colonics are so in fashion at the moment, especially with women. Standing in a controversial position can be hard for me but I feel strongly about this topic. It can Continue Reading →

Investing in yourself is an act of self care


For years I found it difficult to spend money on myself. I thought it was selfish. On some level I believed I just wasn’t worth it. Spending money on my friends and family was easy, if I was out I always offered to pay, I bought beautiful gifts for the loved ones in my life Continue Reading →

Emotional eating as a mis-interpreted call to connect to your body


Do you fear being present in your body? In the book “REVEAL, A sacred manual for getting spiritually naked” by Meggan Watterson, Meggan writes: “I think that so many of us still fear being fully present in the body because it means owning just how powerful we are. The responsibility is overwhelming. We then enter Continue Reading →