Connecting to you inner safe space


This photo was taken out in Sri Lanka in January 2011, the moment is etched in my mind, the baby elephant was playing around in the water but each time it got frightened it would run to hide with mum for a while until courage built back up again and it would venture back into Continue Reading →

Drink responsibly. Is lemon water cleansing, juice fasting, colon detoxing or colonic irrigation a socially accepted form of disordered eating?

lemon water

Writing about this topic has been swimming in my mind for a while. I’ve avoided putting my fingers on the keys because juicing, cleansing and colonics are so in fashion at the moment, especially with women. Standing in a controversial position can be hard for me but I feel strongly about this topic. It can Continue Reading →

Investing in yourself is an act of self care


For years I found it difficult to spend money on myself. I thought it was selfish. On some level I believed I just wasn’t worth it. Spending money on my friends and family was easy, if I was out I always offered to pay, I bought beautiful gifts for the loved ones in my life Continue Reading →

Emotional eating as a mis-interpreted call to connect to your body


Do you fear being present in your body? In the book “REVEAL, A sacred manual for getting spiritually naked” by Meggan Watterson, Meggan writes: “I think that so many of us still fear being fully present in the body because it means owning just how powerful we are. The responsibility is overwhelming. We then enter Continue Reading →

How tragedy has taught me to relish pleasure when it comes to food

My amazing, precious, courageous. dad with Moomin, one of my dogs. Dad loves her and always asks for her to be placed on his bed

It has been almost a year since my precious dad had a brainstem stroke which has left him with ‘locked in syndrome’. On 16th November 2013 I spoke to him on the telephone, we were both happy and excited to be seeing one another the next day for a family Sunday roast. Then at 7.30am Continue Reading →

Do you really taste what you are eating?


How many times in the past have I caught myself at the kitchen cupboard eating and not really knowing what I was eating or how it tasted??  SO many times (usually nut-butter with a spoon straight from the jar). Mindfulness is about bringing our awareness, our attention BACK to the moment, back to the now.  Continue Reading →

Letting go of mentally beating yourself up about your eating

let go

What would it be like to let go of the mental torture associated with your emotional eating? I am not asking you to think about letting go of the eating behaviour itself (you can take this one step at a time!), just to think about the mental pain that goes with the behaviour. You may Continue Reading →

My Mediterranean adventure. Home prepared octopus salad!


You may have seen my blog about being in Spain? The food here is fresh and delicious and much more seasonal than in the UK. Buying in season makes things less expensive too. The other day I enjoyed this delicious home prepared octopus salad. It had lettuce, broccoli, beans, red onions, chillies, tomatoes and Continue Reading →

Almonds are one of my favourite nuts and are great for health!


At the moment I am out in Spain (you can follow my adventure by clicking here, it’s been very warm and sunny – perfect for alfresco eating on the mountainside. Traditional Mediterranean food is so delicious and nutritious, over the last two weeks I have been eating lots of salad, oily fish, seafood, olive Continue Reading →

Could fish oil protect your hearing?


A decline in hearing is often thought of as an inevitable part of ageing, but there are potentially modifiable risk factors. New evidence (1) published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that women consuming two or more portions of fish per week had a lower risk of hearing loss. This was a study Continue Reading →