Bacteria in our guts – do they control our minds?!


Previously I have written a lot about the importance of healthy gut micro ecosystem including links between bacteria and body weight A new review study (1) has found that the microbes in our gut actually influence our eating behaviour and food choices. These researchers found that the microbes influence human eating in order to favour Continue Reading →

Recurrent earache, some nutritional help


Last week I wrote about how you can protect your children from ‘back to school’ colds and infections. Today I am continuing that a little further and looking into recurrent ear infections. Earache is most commonly seen in young children under the age of 4.  Usually the problem is an infection in the middle ear, Continue Reading →

Would you like to join my team?

World Peace

This blog post is a one-off departure from my usual nutrition and health posts as I am looking for new team-members and thought that here was as good a place as any to invite you to join me. Are you passionate about eco-friendly living, health and holistic wellness? Do you currently work from home or Continue Reading →

Is antibacterial always best?


Lots has been said about antibacterial handwashes, cleaning products etc and how they may not be the best thing for our bodies, for our immune systems for the eco-systems or the environment. There is also evidence to suggest that overuse of antibacterial products might contribute to antibiotic resistance. New research (1) currently being presented at Continue Reading →

Protecting your children from ‘back to school’ colds and infections


There are a few weeks of the long summer school holidays left but I wanted to write this blog post in plenty of time. If you can boost the immune system of your children now that you may be able to prevent some of the back to school colds that are often prolific in early Continue Reading →

Siberian ginseng, a herb that might help ease feelings of stress and fatigue


Many of you may know about Korean ginseng, often known as panax ginseng or Asian ginseng, it is the most commonly used ginseng which seems to have immune and metabolism boosting properties. Siberian ginseng is a lesser known herb that has been traditionally used to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue. Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) Continue Reading →

I love my spicy curry, turmeric, a key ingredient, has multiple health benefits


Curry is a firm favourite here in the UK and many of you may be planning on eating spicy dishes over the coming weekend.  Turmeric is one of the main spice ingredients of curry powder and has been used for thousands of years in Indian and Chinese medicine to relieve many different conditions.  In the Continue Reading →

Keeping blood sugar levels stable changes the way we respond to food


The importance of blood sugar balance is something I write about in my book and I also dedicate a day to it in my e-package. I have also written two previous posts about how to keep blood sugar balanced and what foods are best to help us. You can view these posts here and here Continue Reading →

Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals can impact hunger and satiety

Lovely Veg

The quality of what we eat is so, so important. Some foods (such as white flour products) are ‘empty’ they provide energy in the form of calories but provide no nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals no fibre. These empty foods also keep us wanting more. They don’t fill us up, they don’t make our bodies Continue Reading →

Can cocoa provide sun protection?


So you already know from past posts that I love, love, love my raw cacao drink . Dark chocolate (at least 85% cocoa solids), cocoa and cacao are nutrient rich foods (and delicious to boot). As well as minerals (such as magnesium and iron) good quality cocoa products are rich are full of flavonoids (bioactive Continue Reading →