Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals can impact hunger and satiety

Lovely Veg

The quality of what we eat is so, so important. Some foods (such as white flour products) are ‘empty’ they provide energy in the form of calories but provide no nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals no fibre. These empty foods also keep us wanting more. They don’t fill us up, they don’t make our bodies Continue Reading →

Can cocoa provide sun protection?


So you already know from past posts that I love, love, love my raw cacao drink . Dark chocolate (at least 85% cocoa solids), cocoa and cacao are nutrient rich foods (and delicious to boot). As well as minerals (such as magnesium and iron) good quality cocoa products are rich are full of flavonoids (bioactive Continue Reading →

Probiotics shown to be useful in reducing high blood pressure

Blood Pressue

Recently I’ve written about probiotics in relation to body weight and hay fever. A newly published review paper analysed a number of trial looking at whether probiotics could improve blood pressure control (1). The researchers conclude that taking probiotics daily for at least 8 weeks can improve blood pressure by a modest degree. The impact Continue Reading →

Omega 3 for healthy gums and teeth


New research from Harvard scientists (1) finds that supplementation with the long chain omega 3 fatty acid DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, may be helpful to people with periodontitis. Periodontisis is a serious and common gum infection which can destroy the bone supporting the teeth. It is an inflammatory disease which is initiated by bacteria, the inflammation Continue Reading →

Can caffeine cause PMS symptoms to be exacerbated?


Many of us have experienced that craving for a coffee or a tea when things start to get hectic, time is pressured, fatigue needs to be pushed aside and energies begin to wane.  A caffeine hit seems to provide all the answers, and the wake up call needed to our systems!  Sometimes we think that Continue Reading →

Laughter as medicine for emotional eating?


When you are caught in the painfully stressful cycle of emotional eating it is far from funny. In fact emotional eating can seem devastating and beyond your powers of control. However, a new review study (1) suggests that individuals who have emotional eating issues can actually be trained to use humour as a “food substitute” Continue Reading →

What is ORAC and what has it got to do with my raw chocolate?


You might have guessed from previous blog posts (such as this one written for MindBodyGreen) I am a lover of dark chocolate, especially raw chocolate. For me it has to be 85% cocoa solids or above, I love the bitter richness. I also drink a lot of raw cacao, either black with hot water or Continue Reading →

Does virgin coconut oil have health benefits?


YUM! Fresh coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk, dried coconut, coconut cream, coconut yoghurt, coconut water – I am a huge fan of coconut in all different forms, including coconut oil for use on the hair. This photo was taken in 2011 in Sri Lanka, I ate fresh coconut every day – Chris and I slipped Continue Reading →

Why I’m a geek when it comes to nutrition


Nutrition is a passion for me and, as my tagline states, I would totally class myself as a ‘nutrition geek’. Every day without fail I read scientific nutrition papers, why? Well I want to make sure that I keep my knowledge up to date so that I can provide evidence-based information to other people AND Continue Reading →

Spirulina – health benefits or hype?


Spirulina is a blue-green algae. Initially spirulina was classified as a plant but, based on new understanding of its genetics and physiology, it has now been placed in the bacteria kingdom. Naturally this algae grows in high-salt alkaline water reservoirs in subtropical and tropical areas including America, Mexico, Asian and Central Africa. There are many different Continue Reading →