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Not yet found the support that you need in order to safely explore your relationship with the whole of who you are: your body, mind, emotions, Spirit, food or emotional eating patterns?

Welcome to Nurture with Love … Holistic wellness support for women choosing to explore and transform their relationships with the whole of who they are: body, mind, emotions, Spirit.

What is holistic wellness?

We are all more than any labels.  More than thin, or fat or curvy or skinny. More than someone who eats emotionally or suffers from a particular medical condition.  More than our job, our relationship status or our bank balance.  We are more than we could ever imagine we are.

 Holistic wellness, to me, is about nurturing, and being in balance with, the whole self: our body, emotions, mind, soul and Spirit – this creates a feeling of ‘being well’. Halbert L. Dunn said that “wellness is a direction in progress toward an ever-higher potential of functioning” he also stated that wellness was “an integrated method of functioning which is orientated toward maximizing the potential of which the individual is capable. It requires that the individual maintain a continuum of balance and purposeful direction within the environment where he is functioning

Wellness for me is a progression toward being my best possible self, it is a daily journey (or even a moment to moment journey).  Factors that contribute to being healthy and happy are individual and varied but may involve concepts such as:



♥Exercise and other health practices;

♥Psychology or counselling to explore the mind;


♥Money and security;



♥Family, friends and social support.

Living life to our fullest potential is not something that we often do, fear can be a tyrannical ruler! Being well, or well-being involves physically looking after our bodies, minds, our spirituality etc, all in all the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We are all unique, whole individuals (I like to think of us each as whole parts of a greater whole). I believe that acceptance of ourselves, our bodies, thoughts and emotions, in our totality (what we may label as positive and negative) is a key factor in building self-esteem and wellness and a key factor in healing and transforming emotional eating.

In the past, the lifestyle I used to lead didn’t aid my health – I worked long hours, took no time for myself, did way too much people pleasing, didn’t nourish my creativity, didn’t rest enough, exercised too intensely – I was do, do doing and never giving myself time to be, to breathe, to LIVE. Now I live life rather than simply existing within it and hope to be able to support you on your holistic wellness journey.

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